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Hiroko DeMichelis, speaker at Superhuman conference


Saturday, October 22nd


Achieve breakthrough lifespan, augment your abilities and shatter your comfort zone. Purchase your tickets for Superhuman Summit and experience a future-thinking educational showcase. A collection of expert speakers, musical performances, and lunchtime breakouts led by unique specialists will lead you to become more superhuman. Join us and advance your human potential.

Access to a full day of superhuman notions. From the producers of TEDxVancouver, Superhuman Summit will explore scientific findings, legitimate practices, heroic achievements and tested technologies that extend the limits of the human spirit.

  • A minimum of 12 speakers delivering TED style presentations covering a focused range of ideas in longevity, augmentation and exploration.

  • 3 custom crafted performances choreographed to amplify the conference mindset.

  • A relaxed conversation atrium designed for social collision. Meet others in our like minded community of lifelong learners, evolutionists and bio hackers.

  • Access to “The Lab”, a breakout space packed with brand activations that will quantify your health data, inform your anti-aging and give you insights into your body, providing one-of-a-kind mind and body experiences. 

  • A supplement rich breakfast, accompanied by Bulletproof Coffee, and nutrient-dense lunch. Numerous food stations will each offer a different integral item to maintaining a healthy and long-lived life. Turmeric, Resveratrol, Green Tea, Pomegranate Extract, 10 Mix Mushrooms and Ginkgo Biloba will all be utilized to maintain heart health, the immune system, brain health and more.

  • Unique hydration stations, cold-pressed libations and alertness beverages including localized Bulletproof™ coffee provided throughout the day.

  • Rush seats in the boutique theatre at BMO Centre, designed for a dynamic and intimate conference environment for less than 250

Hiroko Demichelis

Current Project: Vancouver Brain Lab | Moment Meditation



Hiroko Demichelis has dedicated her life to helping individuals achieve their full potential and maximize well-being through therapies and cutting-edge technology. Certified in neurofeedback and integrative psychotherapies, Hiroko has spent a majority of her career training with world-renowned psychologists and mastering a vast array of solutions for psychological and neurological disorders. Hiroko will showcase how the science behind "letting go" could be the best thing for your future


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